2018 08 27    7:00 pm


Vilnius Congress Hall

  • Martynas Levickis (Lithuania) – accordion
  • Vilnius City Ensemble “Mikroorkéstra”

Accordion virtuoso Martynas Levickis, together with Vilnius City Ensemble “Mikroorkéstra”, invites you to a true Baltic fairy tale.

To mark the centenary of the restoration of Lithuania’s independence, Accordion Music Week presents the national premiere of “Savęsp”, a specially-commissioned work by composer Rūta Vitkauskaitė. The piece presents a striking contrast between accordion and string orchestra, reflecting the nation’s youth, its most magnificent historical achievements, and its struggle for freedom.

The concert also marks the opening of this year’s annual Accordion Music Week festival. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this historic event.

Programme includes music by Programoje M.K.Čiurlionis, R. Vitkauskaitė, J. Tamulionis

2018 08 28    7:00 pm
  • Jonas Vozbutas (Lithuania) – accordion

Musical mastery isn’t just for the seasoned performer. One perfect example is 13-year-old accordionist Jonas Vozbutas.

Jonas took up the accordion just six years ago, at the age of seven – but his achievements are already remarkable. Jonas has won prizes in both solo and ensemble categories at 24 international competitions, as well as four in Lithuania. A hard-working student, Jonas has shared the fruits of his labours with audiences from around the world.

For this year’s Accordion Music Week, the Mstislav Rostropovich charitable foundation “Aid for Lithuanian children”, in association with the Rotary Club of Mažeikiai, is proud to present a very special performance – Jonas’ first solo recital!

The concert represents a milestone in the young musician’s career – and one that we’re sure will live on in the hearts and minds of his audience.

Programme includes music by J. S. Bach, D. Scarlatti, G. Hermosa, F. Angelis

2018 08 29    7:00 pm
  • Guillaume Meral (France) – accordion

What makes the perfect accordion performance? Musicality, sensuality, authenticity… these are the watchwords of accordionist Guillaume Meral, whose boundless passion for music reveals the subtlest possibilities of his instrument.

Acclaimed music professor Owen Murray has championed the talents of the young Frenchman, from whom he predicts great things. Don’t miss your chance to hear Guillaume for yourself in Vilnius!

An evening of sophisticated French style and artistry awaits you, with a programme of lyrical, dreamlike music including works by Franck Angelis.

Programme features music from Guillaume’s forthcoming CD, out soon, including works by F. Angelis and S. Voytenko.

2018 08 30    7:00 pm


Vaidila Theatre

  • “The Melodica Men” duo (USA):
  • Tristan Clarke – melodica
  • Joe Buono – melodica

“Not everything that starts as a joke, stays a joke,” say Tristan Clarke and Joe Buono, the musicians behind global phenomenon “The Melodica Men”.

The American duo have entertained millions around the world with their mastery of the melodica. The two became friends at music school, and began their journey together as street musicians. Their big break came when a YouTube clip of them performing an excerpt from Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” received over 1.5 million views in a single day, garnering rave reviews and catapulting the pair to worldwide acclaim.

Concerts with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and popular TV appearances on “The Gong Show” and “America’s Got Talent” have gained “The Melodica Men” a huge following.

Accordion Music Week welcomes its first ever guests from across the Atlantic for what promises to be an astonishing programme, featuring arrangements of famous works ranging from Mozart’s “Rondo all Turca” to the themes from “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Star Wars”. Prepare to discover the unexpected possibilities of the melodica!

Programme includes original arrangements by The Melodica Men.

2018 08 31    8:30 pm


Halės Market

  • “Parranda Polar” (Lithuania):
  • Adomas Koreniukas – diatonic accordion, vocals
  • Vytautas Puidokas – bass guitar
  • Jonas Narbutas – percussion

If anyone can turn a Lithuanian market hall into a Latin American dance party, it’s Parranda Polar. The trio have taken inspiration from their travels around the globe, mastering the authentic art of Cumbia – a form of traditional folk music from Colombia that enjoys particular popularity in Mexico.

From the driving rhythms of dance tunes to the gentler sounds of accordion, pipe and singing, get ready for the most original party ever to hit the Vilnius Halės market!

2018 09 01    6:00 pm


Small State Theatre of Vilnius

  • Claudio Constantini (Spain) – bandoneon
  • Rafael Aguirre (Spain) – guitar

So you think Latin American music is just about tango? Think again! Bandoneonist and pianist Claudio Constantini, together with guitar virtuoso Rafael Aguirre, set out to destroy a few myths – and reveal the deep and complex musical traditions of a continent.

The duo have won the hearts of audiences across Europe with their passion for exploring diverse musical genres. Theirs is a shifting musical landscape in which classic jazz rhythms suddenly give way to an unexpected burst from the Spanish repertoire – a maze of contrasting styles where enigmatic guitar and exuberant bandoneon meet. Can you think of anywhere else you would rather lose yourself?

Programme includes music by E. Nazareth, A. Piazzolla, F. Tárrega, P. Castellanos


September 2, Sunday, 3:00 pm

St Catherine’s Church




Martynas Levickis, Artistic Director

Welcome to Accordion Music Week 2018, the festival that celebrates, inspires and evolves the art of the accordion! Now in its seventh year, the festival remains dedicated to creating new perspectives, introducing the instrument to a new generation of listeners.

As always, we’re exploring new ways of looking at music. The driving idea behind the 2018 festival is something that’s all around us, but which – like music – can’t be seen. It’s revealed in our slogan: “Let’s Talk Air”.

Air is the invisible but irreplaceable component at the heart of the accordion. Pushed by the bellows, it vibrates the accordion’s steel reeds until they burst into song. Without air, there would only be silence. But how do you capture the essence of something you can’t see?

For this year’s distinctive visual identity, we did just that. Using motion-capture photography, we created a portrait of moving air, which we think perfectly represents the free-flowing ideas and innovative thinking behind the festival.

2018 is also a very special year for Lithuania – and this year’s festival programme celebrates the centenary of our restored independence. To mark the occasion, we present the Lithuanian premiere of a specially-commissioned piece for accordion and strings by Ruta Vitkauskaitė, and dedicate our annual Accordion Marathon to “100 pieces for Lithuania”. We also present a fantastic piece of visual art by Ignė Pikalavičiūtė.

We’re once again proud to showcase the talents of outstanding international artists. As usual, the festival includes some French, Spanish and Latin flavours – but for the first time, we’re hosting guests from the USA. We’ll also treat you to a recital by an accordion virtuoso who is still only 13 years old!

Prepare to fall in love with the accordion and its siblings. And be sure you get to know them all – this year, the main stage belongs to artists playing the melodica and bandoneon, who I’m sure will whisk us off our feet and leave us floating on air.
Just take a deep breath… and listen.



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